chatting in IRL

What's happening IRL for you?

The video feature on my website broke so I spent all day rebuilding it and now I'm having a dance break! *Spins like Britney Spears* 🍭🐍

How are ya!? 💖😂😛

Oh yeah get this soon as I moved my old design to a subdomain it works 💀💀💀

Bro I was in the cinema , and I saw the fnaf movie poster.

But I need mention that I 'm from poland.


And the "Five Night at Freddy's „ was translated to Five Creepy Night's ( Pięć upiorny nocy) and I just shit at myself when I saw it 💀💀💀💀💀💀


We're back with a fun show today!

You know the drill- Get the fuck in here-

Don't make Jerry add you to the list.......

I'm on hiatus along with @Kitsunechild

Thank you for the recent support!

Sometimes you just need a little cuddle & nap 👶💤❤️