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1 year ago

Meet Fasaria — despite her young appearance you should definitely fear this Grim Reaper! Or she'll make you suffer.



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Turns out, there really is a lot of ways to draw a little Reaper… Here are some of the early Fasaria concept arts from the Fleapit vault!

Many faces of Fasaria! Did you know that she will be voiced by LilyPichu?

We couldn’t help but draw Makima from Chanisaw Man — we feel like she’d fit right in with the Freaked Fleapit crowd!

Happy #GokuDay! Check your quest log for a way to earn Goku stickers! 👀

Plus, tell us your favorite memory of Goku in the comments!

Fasaria's pixel art animations! Whole range of emotions for the Little Death

Would Bulma be your ideal partner to search for the dragon balls?

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When Fasaria is not reaping souls, she’s playing video games! What game is she playing?

The development of Circle of Hell — Lust is going along just fine, so here's a bit more of Sally for y'all

In my ULTRAKILL phase rn

I may not have had time to participate in the Mega Man Friday event, but apparently I had enough time to doodle V1 in my sketchbook-

The second photo is just Unitas (my oc) but if he were in the Ultrakill universe.

Hey gamers, it's the last day of the Steam Summer! so it's time to share! Which games did you get or are still planning to? Bonus points for obscure indies