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Muerte si fuera:

Muerte si fuera un personaje de the walten files(según yo):



Next up

My first drawing of the year, yeeey

Commission for @/erick_zap5 in instagram

Al Chile ni se quien es wolfurra

commission no.3

To Be Beautiful

Happy new year everyone, this draw is for a event of newgrounds "the secret Santa"

Springtrap knows about his fanart

YouTube version: https://youtu.be/cGGOQGCqnO0

Kalorio (oc)


commission complete

Sorry I havent been active on progress with this game much! However its good news... Ive been working on New Managment! heres jack, a character I made for the game. New Managment is sure to give me a passive budget to spend on my own games... hype!

Una comisión que me pidió una persona en discord xdn't

[google traductor]

A commission that a person in discord asked me for, xdn't