3 years ago

New game is out!

Well, if we can consider this as a game...

I did a Hatsune Miku Clicker game out of boredom.

You're bored and just want to pass time by clicking on Miku? Then this game is made for you!

Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/ClickyMiku/581061



Next up

To people calling NULL "DLM" or "Don't Leave Me"

Here's a joke game I'm working on. .-.,

We are under attack!

Today I was setting up the location of the first boss. His name is "Father" and he is the first of the Patagonians. His task is to guard the road to the House.🛡🗡 Bookmark pre-launch page🔖🔖🔖


Protege el conocimiento, salva la historia. Guardian of Lore es un platformer 2D en el que debes luchar para mantener viva la memoria de la mitología latinoamericana. El juego llegará a Steam el 18 de mayo: https://steam.pm/app/1211740 #ScreenshotSaturday

What you all think

An infected room from the second part of Cybel ! Are you up for some cleansing?

Very ambitious construction going on in Planet Zoo on Plays today. We're tryin'. LIVE: www.twitch.tv/dreamhackplays

My D&D art for my family so far (WIP if you couldn't tell)

not the greatest house, but it's a house! :D