City Crashers (the scratch edition)

1 year ago

Ok I finished one of the aliens sprite sheet



Next up

The New Pikmin 4 Commercial

Holy crap! Is was city crasher and ozzy first time being show to the public!?

Ok today I went back to City Crashers (The Scratch Edition) and edited the page and add the City Crashers (The Scratch Edition) Soundtrack and yes! you can download them.

An Overview of Uni-City (OC content)

Friends (again)

fried egg

Me when I'm leaving social media

Prayer by Petra

Break room window.

I wish this is what I saw out my window everyday instead of a parking lot.

I hope in time we can learn so much more about space. I’m terrified of it (theory of relativity esp) but, I WANT to know. What’s out there???

This Means War! By Petra