Five Nights at Treasure Island 2 Revamp

1 year ago




Next up

shade time :)))))))))))))))))))))))

I felt like i needed to give u guys something because im taking a break from working on this game rn. so here you go.

I'm making a game page that has all of my old, unlisted and cancelled projects As of now Revamp is the only one uploaded, the page will be public soon… The 3 new Addendum: Treasure Island pages are here!!! The link above sends you to the 1st new page.

the characters section is now finished, i need to add music to it and then i can work on the other 3 sections.

FINALLY i have a tiny bit of the extras done.

remember, this is a WIP. so there isnt a jumpscares or behind the scenes section YET.

The Final Update for Treasure Island 2 Revamp is here! Trophies are removed now. Oh and Face has new voicelines now!

Treasure Island 2 Revamp - FULL GAME OUT NOW!!!

there will be an update soon which will add the game api!

have fun!

thx for 1k views