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Think I forgot to post these. Whoops!

Anyway, MumBlargh specifically requested sticker designs for stationery, so I remade some of my fruit cats and added a couple new ones for this sticker sheet.

They're also in my Redbubble shop: https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/157579090?asc=u

【Minecraft (Nintendo Switch)】

Weeell, I wanted to do much more with this, but this is as far as I could get before the game started making me feel really queasy. Just wanted to make a little blobcat shaped house. Ah well, I tried! #MinecraftBuild

In celebration of the release of the remastered Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on Nintendo Switch, here is the process of the illustration I made a while back for Art Weeklies.

: Clip Studio Paint by Grand Project

New PFP!

: Blender (Cycles)

【No Man's Sky】

This planet's terrain was a pain to navigate on foot, and it was honestly kind of ugly during the day... LOL

The sunset, though!

Submission for Art Weeklies 4/5/2024. Theme chosen: Elements of Nature.

... I literally just threw this together, 'cause I panicked when I realized I hadn't made anything for the last themes. LOL Started in greyscale to paint faster.

: Clip Studio Paint

They really caught me off-guard with that last one.

My favourite turtle from gaming history is Tortimer from Animal Crossing. Heh heh horf! #TurtleDay

Blobcat is taking in the view.

: ibisPaint

Another experiment in Blender.