2 months ago

Peekaboo! •ᴧ•



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Process of my Momaw Nadon illustration for the Star Wars May 4th event.

: Clip Studio Paint

: Lockdown by SoulProdMusic

Hey, everyone. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling very well today, but I wanted to make a little something to share, so here's a blobcat.

Going to go rest my head. Hope you've all been having a pleasant day!

: Krita

Aaaaaw yeeeeeeah, I've mastered @Frycandle 's stickers!

Here's my contribution for #ZeldaFriday—a cute little Korok playing the Nintendo Switch.

: Clip Studio Paint

Hope everyone who will be playing Tears of the Kingdom has a grand ol' time. Also, hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Process of the gift PFP I made for @sonic-fan100 .

Note: I am currently unable to accept PFP requests/commissions.

: Clip Studio Paint

: Purple Valley Zone by Shane Mesa

Various subscriber doodles I made this year!

Process of Qbby from BoxBoy!

: Clip Studio Paint

: Wavy Way by Edythe Devitt

Found this really pretty tiny flower. Apparently it's blue-eyed grass, but I'm not sure which variety.

It's getting to a point where I'm afraid to walk anywhere, 'cause I might crush something beautiful! Someone please invent me an actual hoverboard!

Krillin: "Son Goku! >:(" Goku: ":D" #GokuDay

Oh my gosh, I had to rush to make this, but I made it in time!

: Clip Studio Paint

Process of the PFP I made for @MarcoTanooky not too long ago.

Note: I'm not taking requests at this time. Wish I could, though!

May you all have a lovely weekend!

: Clip Studio Paint by soundplusua