3 months ago

Random idea but wouldn't it be cool to see both interact?



Next up

A redraw of Sonic's face. It was trending on twitter a long time ago!

Cant wait for this episode for Sonic prime.

Inspired from the sonic team racing animation that was posted years ago. I figured that eggman will make that face after shadow steals it

Sonic Heroes Movie Version!

Mermaid Shantae!

Sonic 2 doodle I made when it was announced. Expect a doodle for Sonic 3 in the future haha

Saw a tweet on how Wendy's was trash talking with McDonalds and made a little comic of her smug personality LOL

You know Sonic the hedgehog? 😀

#sonicthehedgehog #sega #sonic #sonicfanart

She forgot she was the maid of the house