2 months ago

recent commissions
1.  beatrice and conductor pebbles (for @SteelmaticDragon )
2. kris dressed as 2d from gorillaz (for alberodg)



Next up

yume nikki sketch

ceroba test

art block hitted me like a brick, love sackboy

Rando Art Challenge! Transform this masterpiece into a Team Fortress 2 character! Use the hashtag #tf2 to share your creation! Tag an artist in the comments to challenge them as well.

alredy one year old, i love this piece i like making landscapes


havent been drawing a lot lately i needed to warmup

🟡😄☀️ Joy and Anxiety! 😬⚡️🟠

BTW, this is such a good sequel! 🥰

// #Insideout2 #Disney #Pixar #Art #Fanart

3 year aniv w neo reposting this from the 1 year aniv also orry for not posting any new art dis week i have a lot of homework stuff coming next week tho