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*Metal pipe soundeffect*

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Next up

A prototype

Griefer on twitter dot com (a colored sketch)

Mouth doodle and practice

Submission for Fan Art Friday 7/5/2024. Theme chosen: Fanart of Indie Videogames.

Based on Loddlenaut!

: Clip Studio Paint

A dumb idea after hearing new witchlaser sfx

POV: Yo en 2017 intentando colarme en el Tycoon de otra persona

So i announce that i open a robux commision, and you can check my carrd for more information about it


Updated version of things you can do to help Palestine + another country that also experiencing a genocide

Greetings Gamejolt!

Apologies for being offline; I've actually been busy working on a personal short adventure story!

Here's an adorable character concept a dear friend of mine created for it!

It's been a while since i draw something Stickman/ stickfigure related