2 months ago

Some sad news today 😢 My family dog 'Patch' has passed away here's some cute photos of her ❤️

She was old & we knew it was coming soon but today she was sadly put down, at least shes not in pain or discomfort.

The family got her as a little puppy, 16/17 years ago & has always been loved by the whole family. Even when I left the family home, we'd still see her at my parents all the time, take her for walks & we looked after her when my parents were away.

She's the only Dog we've ever had, and she'll be missed ❤️



Next up

It's always a struggle to figure out what to do. I actually really enjoy editing but there's always more things I want to record & new stuff coming out 😅 I just can't keep up sometimes #ContentCreator

Stroke the sleepy kitty in VR 🐈💤

[ON THIS DAY 2023]

What an UNBELIEVABLE save! ☁️🪂😲

don't make my mistake when you look at an eclipse

Heading into the office shortly, first thing of the day we'll be playing some #PaperMario LIVE 🔴 on YouTube 😊👍 see you there?


Our Intergalactic Party was out of this world!

This video is the next best thing to having been there.

Sarah took Sebby out for afternoon tea & he had a BABY CHINO ☕ he's going to be such a little posh boy 🤣

9 Years of my service on GameJolt. Proud of that. Started back in 2015 right after the very first FNAF FAN GAME came out, i had an idea - create something on my own. I did it, thanks to everyone for the support! Heading towards 10 Years! #spawnday

Big thank you to Nintendo UK for hooking me up with a copy of Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door & this beautiful DIY #PaperMario Diorama that I just about managed to put together 😅🔨 I look forward to checking out the game 👍 #nintendoswitch #gifted #ad