3 years ago

The Nintendo Community!

Welcome Nintendo fans! Rise up! Your time has come.


This community is not an official community of Nintendo, the images and characters you see in this community is owned by the rightful owner Nintendo. Please don't sue me. Thank you.

What can you do in this community?

Well, you can post all kinds of stuff my guy. Post stuff about Mario, Link, Kirby, and heck you can even post about Masahiro Sakurai if you want.

What can I do in this community?

You can talk in the General area.

Share your art in the Fanart section.

Show your awesome discoveries or playthroughs in the Gameplay channel.

Introduce your fangames or games that were already made by Nintendo in the Games room.

And you can try to make people laugh with memes that you made or found on the internet in the Meme cave.


Oh yeah, this is meme time.

Now use this community to your heart's desire!

I hope you guys like this community, it wasn't a big project or anything I have been working on, just a thought that came into my mind.

I have no idea if this is the community anybody asked for or needed, but guess what? It's here anyways. So if you want to join I would glady appreciate the support of this community.

Thanks again and have fantastic day!