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The slide was FAKED in the trailer! But it is now a real slide that properly functions. Woosh!

#UnrealEngine #gamedev #megaman


Started working on the Parallax Scrolling system. VERY basic so far, but the core concept seems to work.

(You can now better see our shadow effects at work though!)

#megaman #gamedev #unrealengine


A custom time control system for #UnrealEngine. Footage shows all time slowed down, then later only Enemy & Environment time slow being toggled.

Time can be categorized and put into a hierarchy for an unlimited level of control. #gamedev


Parallax layer system progress. Smooth scrolling options are here!

Still more to do, but it's mostly convenience and development options remaining. #megaman #gamedev #unrealengine


Debug 'kill all loaded enemies' on R1 lol.

It's a test of my "Shared Event Asset" system concept for #UnrealEngine.

It might not mean much to most people, but it could help make Events much easier to setup. Technical details in replies.