which cream team characters do you ship

Yo, do me a favor and join this dudes stream

This is gonna be hard xD | One Step From Eden!
This game is so well made and gorgeous, but also probably the most difficult game I've ever played, dont expect any victory, just some fun!


I decided to draw near 50 users ^^ as my gift to the community this holiday season!

(Below for everyone in it o.o)

Triple trouble remix is premiering now

Glad to get this out of the way, took way too long.

Link in article

hello gamejolt.

I need to bring up a serious situation that has happened to my good friend @TheHyperSloth
He really needs gamejolts helps, and not just that, he needs everyones help

Please check out the videos in the description. This dude really needs help right now

Proper Desciption time (Btw don't fucking change it)

We are the Creamteam! A group of idiots who sometimes streams! Check us out here: https://youtube.com/channel/UC_6rbZS00ayu9UZWNeOHjdw

The members include









Also, please don't ask if you can become a member, cause it will probaly be no

So yea, hope you enjoy and stay creamy!

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