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What else could i do instead of just drawing?

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While it’s hard to remember that far back, one of the first games I’ve played was angry birds. I got into the classic and then began branching off with the various other versions. #soundoffsunday

(Also NickToons Racing, but there’s no realm for that here

How to fix this issue:

:) Disk Space is taking space without doing anything on your PC.

I have EXACTLY enough Joltbux to buy ONE avatar frame. So I was thinking...This is your chance to convince me to buy one that you like! (or have made).

Gimmie your best sales pitch! ADVERTISE!

Edit: I found one I like! Thank you for all the suggestions!

I made a BuddyMeter quiz!

I felt a bit bored, so I'm giving this a shot. Give it a try if you want! I'm curious to see how much you know

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