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Amaranth and Boko have made it to Freezing Freaks and... things are going great!

(Amaranth belongs to @softSynthethic , Andri belongs to @AyGee )

When I finish few Fanarts and Fiercy Forces Short Comic:
"The Mix of Humor & Horror & Heroism"
I'll start working on "Hideaway & Hunt" fangame first,
next will be "Stellar Showoff!" fangame in queue.

#FNaSFiercyForces #FNaSFangame #NFaS #Horror #Survival

Amaranth and Boko's adventure in the fields is officially over, enjoy!

(Amaranth belongs to @softSynthethic , Dete belongs to @CallMeDante_ )

Five Nights at Sonic's: Fiercy Forces "Imagine It!"

Immunity from "Absolute Zero" Ending + 2nd Page Sketches

Drawn by me Silentfaith.

the lunatics