post whatever idk im not a historian

mfs when they play a super high effort mod with hundreds of hours put into it but it's difficult

lightyear spoiler: spaceship jumpscare at the end


og but garrett's funny animal game garrett and dave's fun algebra class garrett sing it

The Biggest "Save TF2" Campaign in History
We've waited long enough, may as well give this an honest try. May 26th is Judgement Day. UPDOOT THE REDDIT POST:

The demo for the mod is out! It includes the entirety of the first week. Play it now or else I'll come to your house !!

Welcome to the Official ethanlolcat3 Community Fandom Thingy.

This community is half post whatever the frick you want and half archive of different posts I've made such as my art, stuff about my Youtube Channel, and [insert third thing here].

Hope you enjoy your time in this official community fandom thingy!

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