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An autumn themed Minecraft build! #minecraft #minecraftbuild #minecraftbuilds

Day 7 was a bit simpler. Instead of doing a big grand drawing I tried to plan out what was going to go on top of my base. I ended up building something totally different instead :P

Check out that build in this video:

This Base Took Me 10 Years
Today I finished my Minecraft Superflat Survival Megabase after 10 years of playing. We built a giant spider on top of a massive temple. This took an insane ...

My First Minecraft Render~๐Ÿงก

Modern Mansion

Built this with my friends @paintergigi & waspycraft.

#minecraft #minecraftbuilds


How to FIX your motion tracker. (Sorry for not showing that it actually works, but don't worry it does work.)