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W. I. P #2 (Murder Drones)

Hmmm I think my pretty Astaroth don't like Cyn

Welcome to the Murder Drones community. (Non Official)
The Community Guidelines:

1. No Sexual Content or Nudity (Jokes and such are fine)

2. No Harassment

3. No Slurs
(Curse Words are acceptable)

4. Do not steal art. you may post other peoples art in the art section but you must give credit to the artists that made it

5. Stay on topic

6. No ban evading

7. Respect Moderator's

8. No Promoting Other Communities (Promoting Games and Ideas are acceptable)

If you do not follow these rules you will first get a Friendly Reminder, then a Warning, then you will be banned
(Rules Number 1, Number 2, Number 6, and Number 7 will result in a Ban)

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