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Sonic's back, More cool, Blue and Rad! Blast to XTREME LEVELS OF SPEED in this new sonic fangame! Dr Ivo Robotnik (Dr Eggman) is rebuilding the death egg, with a new powerful weapon on it, that could help him rule the world. Its up to sonic to stop the evil Dr Eggman and his minions before its too late.

Sonic Xtreme is a fangame that is a reimagining of what sonic xtreme could have been with modern hardware and reimagining many of the zones with new ones.

Along with new badniks, swatbots and bosses. Sonic Xtreme will be one of the coolest sonic fangames to exist. With 5 playable characters with there different takes on zones. Special stages that have totally rad blacklight colors.

Playable characters

Sonic The hedgehog, Tails Miles prower, Knuckles the echidna, Tiara Boobowski and Metal Sonic MK2

Stage lineup

Boom Beach, Magma Massacare, Crystal Frost, Jade Gully, Blue Ocean, Red Sands, Metal Blade, Galaxy Fortress, Death Egg MK2

So far the game has been in the works for 2 years using the sonic infinity engine, I still gotta rework that a bit to make it more classicy. All the stages based ideal layouts are done, The bosses are next, then ill make a WIP Demo for people to give feedback, Can't say when I will get to this since this has been the side project for me. But I will get this game done.

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Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language
Comical Shenanigans New update showing off blue ocean! With Commentary!

Sonic Xtreme Blue Ocean Act 1 Gameplay with Commentary
Gameplay of my fangame Sonic Xtreme with commentary explaining things about the fangame and the level gameplay.No Commentary Verison: