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Played the demo and im hooked, the music is amazing and even though it just replays it never gets annoying. the visuals equally amazing. The plot is really mysterious with lots of twists and options, one that would make you want to go back and explore other choices. Would recommend!

This looks beautiful and very intriguing, are we getting a playable demo anytime soon? :O

The pixel art looks better than the hand drawn cover I think, I'd use the pixel art as promo. <3

Wow This seems beautiful!

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In the quaint town of Samomor, a resident disappears without a trace every year. They all had one thing in common: they were last spotted standing before the Samomor Forest on the day they went missing. After nearly a year of tranquility, the time has come for a new disappearance. However, this time, an unexpected twist will change the course of events. A force from another world and a teenager will team up to solve what's behind it all.


In Into Samomor, every choice you make has the power to dramatically change the fate and outcomes of the other characters. Their survival or demise hinges on who you choose to trust. As characters perish, something will occur, and you must bear the consequences of the choices you made.


The combat system in Into Samomor offers a balance of intuitiveness and challenge. Utilize various in-game weapons like knives and bows to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles throughout your journey.

  • Explore secrets in every pathway.

  • Numerous branching paths for every choice.

  • Solve intricate puzzles and face tough challenges.

  • Uncover characters' narratives or meticulously woven lies.

  • Engage in rich and varied interactions between characters and players.

  • Experience an intuitive, user-friendly combat system that is easy to learn but varies in difficulty based on your choices.

  • Multiple endings, with only one propelling you deeper into the game.

#adventure #horror #storydriven #choicebased #puzzle #action #rpg

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language
Comical Shenanigans

Using movement keys combinations to use special abilities.


The kind of combat you make after playing Dark Souls.


A new gameplay trailer! I'm proud that everything here is made by myself, but the quality is up to you to judge.

Left or right?


Bows in action.