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its dont work

This doesn't work at all.....

A Normal Day for a normal teenager named Daniel who wanted to play a sonic game from the comfort of his pc when all of the sudden he got a email about a game called "simple sonic worlds (abandoned version)" Daniel was confused for a second he looked in to the email the publisher was unknown but it left a note saying

"Daniel if you're reading this you're grave in danger this game is NOT what it seems i tried deleting it from my pc, i shouldn't have open it now i can feel it coming, if you don't destroy this file it will come for you to please hurry! I can feel him....he's getting closer I don't have much time left please destroy this file before it destroys you"

I Didn't seem odd at first but this game is not what it seems this is no longer sonic the hedgehog ..........It's Corruption


Mild Cartoon Violence

page of the remake I'm not gonna use this page because of a glitch I found when editing

before you guys say something NO im not being lazy this is all intentional this creepypasta game is based of the ORIGINAL engine of the game so no im not being lazy

the next level of the game will be different hey guys i recommend you guys to look into this .exe game it has massive potential and its rather interesting

This game was made by @redplushfan789

Havent started development yet but i have made some sprites just a reminder this is gonna be a hell of a game might post some gameplay footage soon

Simple Sonic World Curse is Getting A Remake this includes improvement of levels, more atmosphere and better sprite 'w'