What do you think?

Just played first 2 levels of Binary Sparks. It is a relaxing game with slow paced puzzle gameplay and ominous sounds. It ran smoothly and no issues. There could be some graphical improvements for the items to make them more up to date. Perhaps utilize the unreal particles like you use for the teleporters. Maybe put a glowing decal of say a waterdroplet or poweroff icon inside a ball of coloured particles, and when you pick up the item it could go in the middle of the hand/glove thing (dunno what to call it :D).

I think this game is very interesting. After completing level 1 I was little sad, because my water block don't went with me to next level, but I really enjoy the animation, when we fly away together. Playing level 2 is very funny (I must resetting it 3 times), copying contacts by using balls and jumping over the fire is very hard. Reusing snow blocks by jumping with them into the pond is much easier. Ball who make me small, also moves blocks and contacts on my back. One time my claws was stuck and I can't use them so I must reset the level. After that hard time I moved to level 3 which was a little adventure (It's my favorite level), I would like to see more levels like that and see more advanced usage for shifting dimension. At end I think It good start for game, and I will follow work on this game. And I have little request, can you speed up our character, or give him running option? I think he is too slow.

Hey guys, I did a little recording of the first two levels of the game:

I didn't finish the second level in the recording though - Give it a watch - I think the game is pretty solid. Looking forward to seeing more. Good job and keep up the good work :)

By the looks of it its awesome :P

Absorb elements and use the environment to solve puzzles in this trippy platformer.


February 2nd 2019 we decided that we will start on a new project, and will therefore sadly cancel Binary Sparks. We lost ourself in the development and we think we can do much better. We will keep this page and all builds. We're really sorry for this!


Windows 7 or higher

DirectX 11

Disc memory: ~600 MB

Graphics Card: Radeon RX or similar

Processor: Intel I5 / Quad Core or higher


Robin Andblom - Founder, CEO, Design, Programming, 3D Art

Thomas Vincent - Playtest, QA

Jorn de Vires - Playtest, QA

Guardian_demoN - Playtest, QA

Jonas Roininen - Playtest, QA

Korynn Oberle - Playtest Support


Drivhuset Malmö - Business Developers

Chris Hildenbrand- Team Logo Designer

MINC - Contacts & Startup lecturing



Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch - @ambercrowngames


Since Binary Sparks fullversion was canceled and

some content was cut from the demos, we have

now released a bonus package for the demo, including

deleted levels and early sketches of the supposed

final levels of the fullversion that never came!


Our new project now has a name and were testing the prototype now! It will be called One More Experiment, see it here:

TODAY we started prototyping on a new project. We have been writing somewhat on a concept for some time, as we felt like moving to a new project some time before revealing that we canceled Binary Sparks. This time we will test much more!

"#BinarySparks lost its direction over the past years and we need to try something else. We're already writing on a new puzzle game we think will be more solid!" Here's a video explaining why we will move on to a new project and cancel Binary Sparks


Thank you so much for playing Binary Sparks!