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You'll Have To Fix this Bug!


I Got Stuck When i Died!

i meen in the DLC OR SUPER DLC OR HYPER DLC! ok i just meen to the hyper dlc;)

do i got the ending after defeating tails? because screen was black i couldn't skip the ....... Dialogue when pressing c

Edit: Nvm you gotta press it after dat before it soft locks itself

My verdict is: Rexer, your game is very nice, not difficult, with a cool soundtrack. In any case, your game is much better than the impassable shit from Jaiz koys (Sally.exe CN Eye of Three). His game - it's just spoiled nerves and wasted time, and your game is played in one breath and almost at a time. So I sincerely wish you to finish it as soon as possible

Two months after the last battle, Executor decides to continue his revenge, this time with a new plan in mind, now depends on you what will happen to the world.

Cartoon Violence
Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
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