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five nights at gato 2

run before i leak the game

Hello MG, good to see ya again! I came here to reveal a fan-art about your magical game.


Just a mini fan-art that I made, hope you enjoy it!

Hope to see ya soon!

The mechanics of this don't feel... right honestly

Maggie and the pig do pretty much nothing with the audio

The dog one doesn't always go back to the stage after you use the audio, and sometimes disappears entirely

The vents dont stay closed when you leave the cams and the vent guys sometimes dont go away

The other pig who uses the vents also only appears in one which doesn't seem intentional


Welcome to the John McAdams Entertainment's Warehouse! Here, you will see a lot of differents things from all the different establishments that this company had over the years, and our so beloved animatronics from Maggie's Magical World!

Come take a tour through the warehouse where you will see different stages, equipment, and machinery that has been used over the years!


Here, you can see the great legacy John McAdams has left for the world. All his different technologies and all the animatronics that he created, with technology the world has never seen before.

So what are you waiting to get your tickets? Come and see all the wonders this establishments have left through the years!

We are looking for a night guard to work from 12 to 6am.

Voice Actors:

-Austin Bauer

-Joe Korshoff (Twitter: @ScrogunVO, discord: Scrogun6931)

#fangame #horror #action #fnaf #scifi #survival #pointnclick #strategy #FazbearGameverse

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference
Mild Language

Five Nights at Maggie's 2 now available on PC and Android

Android version issues

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