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Hello, I really liked your work. I am a voice actor, if you need voice acting now or will need it in the future, I would be happy to cooperate with you

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Play Our Mountain right now on Steam!


Our Mountain is a 3D atmospheric, adventure game with a narrative and little puzzles. In the game, players take on the roles of Charles and his lovely dog, Buddy. Together, they venture through the woods, following a path that leads to the city.

The game offers beautiful scenery, an engaging soundtrack, and captivating story cutscenes. Players are encouraged to explore their surroundings, inspect objects, and use their problem-solving skills to solve the little puzzles and unravel the story.


Charles, a man living a peaceful life in the countryside, is faced with a sudden and serious problem that requires him to return to the city on the other side of the valley as soon as possible. With time running out, Charles embarks on a journey through a national park that is rumored to be home to supernatural occurrences.

  • A short video game that can be completed in one sitting.

  • No need for advanced gaming skills.

  • Take your time to enjoy the immersive soundtracks and relax.

  • Connect with the story and interpret it in your own unique way.

  • Plus, a cute puppy will follow you on your journey!

#adventure #narrative #indie #exploration #nature #relaxing #3D #colorful #narration #fantasy #atmospheric #casual #firstperson #singleplayer #short #mystery #music #drama #storyrich #walkingsimulator

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

Our Mountain 1.6 has arrived! Hello everyone! We have received valuable feedback and believe it's the perfect time to enhance our game. I'm happy to say that Our Mountain 1.6 is now ready!…

We are currently working on the Our Mountain 1.6 update, where we have added new stuff to the game and fixed existing bugs. The update is on track and will be available for you to enjoy later this week!

Our Mountain Update 1.5.4! Hello everyone. Today, We've fixed some UI bugs and Thai localization. Just a small update for now. Major update coming soon! We are coming back this year with several upcoming updates. Have a great day!…

Our Mountain Update 1.5.2 Hello everyone! We've fixed some level bugs and Thai grammatical errors. Moreover, we've added a wooden walkway in scene 4 (Swamp level). Have a great day!…

Our Mountain is now available on Steam with the exclusive 10% launch discount! Are you ready to go on an adventure with Charles and Buddy?!