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What do you think?

Can you send me all sprites from game? (preferably sprites from dlc)
Pleease)) I need them

how is this impresive? you just running around for 3 minutes and that's it? i could expect something impresive but i didn't seen anything that impress me in this product don't make those mini-demos please. for now i put dislike until the full game comes out.

I have a feeling this game will be awesome :D

Lose the DLC message. This is not the DLC thing anymore.

An attractor field...
The wordline changing...
Reading Spirit...

Save him. Avoid him. Protect him. Beat him.

Mild Cartoon Violence


Long time no see, guys! I made a lot of things in Knuckles route. I just wanted to say "Thanks" to you for almost 200 followers! It's big motivation for me!

Something new about Knuckles route... ;D

I removed the release for a little time, because I found a very big bug with Tails boss fight. The download will be appear in a few minutes...