3 months ago

2022 recap.

Thank You! 2023 is going to be awesome :D



Next up

Speed Paint: Little edgy chicken. #ChickenTrender

Speedpaint: Red Star Mario

Speed Paint: Dark Super Sonic Redraw #SonicXredraw

Peppino Spaghet! I had a lot of fun playing Pizza Tower, I totally recommend it to anyone who likes 2D platformers.

We hosted a party during the Game Developers Conference this year and invited devs to bring their games and friends! 3,000 people showed up to the Indie Carnival by Game Jolt + Yahaha party! Woohooo

Dark Super Sonic Remake #SonicXredraw

Happy Monday!

I sketched this Bowser portrait with a black pen. I hope You like it!

Game devs from around the world are in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference…and so is Kikkerstein!

(Kikkerstein plush by @ChrisisArt )

The epic "Red Star Mario" #MarioFriday