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1 year ago

A frightful thanksgiving is happening in 2 days! Join Five Nights at Freddy's fan-devs from around the world during a live showcase, where 25+ devs premiere their upcoming fangame trailers to YOU!

Check out just a handful of the games to be presented:

The Rat Cave by @ChrisPowellProductions | Explore the cavern of this rat-infested arcade born from a merge between a shady robotics company and Fazbear Entertainment.

Phobia: Long Hours by @ih-ihs | Inspired by The Wiggles, take a job at the newly opened Wiggle Pizza World. With brand new machinery, games, and fun... What could possibly go wrong?

Playtime with Percy by @FazieFunbear | Percy's Playhouse is set to be demolished in a week, and your tasked to watch over it before that day arrives. Your pal Percy has different plans though.

Come Along With Me by @Heisenmorg | Winter has arrived in Montreal, and Ashley J. Waters has taken a job at Lake's Funland, where darkness has shrouded the place for years.

Zolly: Industrial Madness by @Sunset64 | Izzy Watson, a machinist for Cybermatics Inc. is tasked to watch over the robots made for the fabled "Zolly's Wonder Land" by her boss, Gabriel Bryant.

Birthday at Freddy's by @CosmoGames | A reimagining of the classic Five Nights at Freddy's takes you to the same establishment you once knew, but with its history written in blood.

Forgotten at Fredbear's by @Jacorn | The infamous diner is still open after the bite, and Henry Emily and William Afton are still hard at work. What mysteries lie at Fredbear's?

The Fazbear Facility by @PhantronGames | After the closure of all Freddy locations, many of the animatronics were shipped to a facility bought out by Fazbear Entertainment. But you're here for a different reason.

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