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Announcing the Lost In Isolation FNaF Game Jam

The GameJam Starts Friday (submit games below)


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Hosted by @PlentyXD

Help from @hunterallen_ and me

Art by @Funkilicous and Yellw.00f


What is a Game Jam?

A game jam is a game development marathon that typically takes place over the course of anywhere from just a few hours to a few weeks. These events are an amazing way of bringing together people in the game development community, allowing people to give their best and show their work to thousands of players and developers alike, and these events force people to think fast and creatively, especially when it comes to the theme.

Welcome to Plenty's FNaF (Lost in Isolation) Game Jam!

This is a Five Nights at Freddy’s themed game jam where participants will create games based on the theme of "Isolation/alone" within the timeframe.

Jam Start Date: 

June 21st

Jam End Date:

July 5th


  • The game should incorporate the theme Isolation/Alone. Entries that do not match this theme will not be considered.

  • The game and all of its visual aspects must be made during the jam development period. Any entries that were created prior to the start of the jam will not be considered and will be removed.

  • All assets must be created by you. You can use existing tools, engines, languages and programming libraries to develop your game, as well as free or purchasable Marketplace Assets.

  • Additionally, you can use pre-made music and sound assets (assuming you have permission or a license).

  • Your game must be free.

  • You may add images and a description to your Game Jolt game page anytime!

  • Feel free to squash those bugs and polish your build after the voting period has concluded, we encourage the continuation of the development of games created during the Jam.

  • Concept entries only require text, however, additional content submitted is welcomed.

Live and let live! No racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, religious prejudice, or other forms of hate. No personal attacks. No pornographic content. Nothing illegal.

Which game engines can be used?

Any! You are allowed to use Unity, Unreal, Godot, GameMaker, Construct, ClickTeam, or even make your own.


  • Judges will choose the top 15 games, then Plenty will stream them live! We'll narrow it down to the best 5, and then it's up to the fans to vote for the ultimate winner.

    Games will be chosen following the below:

  • Theme - How well does the game represent the theme of the jam?

  • Visuals - How pleasing are the game’s visuals?

  • Audio - How good is the sound design and/or music in the game?

  • Feel - How good does the game feel to play?

  • Replayability - How replayable is the game?


  • $1000 to the winner.

  • Plenty will stream gameplay of some of the games submitted on his youtube channel a few days after the jam.

How to Submit Your Game:

Want to enter the jam? Do this:

● If you don't already have a Game Jolt account, create one.

● Create a game page from the Store or simply click here.

● After the jam begins, submit your game or concept in the Submit Game channel.

● Remember to publish your game release AND your game page.

Whenever you’re done with your project and feel that it is ready to published and played by everyone; It is heavily advised that you put as much polish into the final product as possible, but it is also advised that you get your game done with a reasonable completion time as to avoid stressing out near the final hours of the jam.

  • This is a small personal tip for everyone, mind your project scope; keep the size of your game at something that is feasible within the given timeframe.



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The Lost In Isolation Game Jam has officially started!

Submit your games here: https://gamejolt.com/c/fnaf/plenty_s_fnaf_jam

Join the server for updates: https://discord.gg/5MbUVfbwDB