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Haven't sculpted anything in a while, so I got some practice in with this tileable stylized PBR wood.

#3dart #lowpoly #sculpt #fantasy #stylized #wood

Starting a new personal project! Working on a model sheet for a character from a manga I've been really enjoying. Do you recognize this guy?

Practicing fundamentals with some figure shape studies, 2-3 minutes each. My goal is to do at least 100 of these over the five days.

Jolters to Watch 2023 ⚡

Keep your eyes on 3D art from @magnaomega , @Iizuku, @Distant-Dimensions , @Whaleshark and @Los_Lolos !

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Finished up this model sheet. There're some parts I'm not particularly fond of but that's to be expected as I haven't drawn recently, or with any regularity in a long time. Anyway, it'll do fine for my purpose! Now, on to 3D modeling.

Just a building, nothing special.

(Work in progress)

Wanted some reference for drawing a scrap heap, so I made this using Blender's particle system.

For quick sketches, I think I'll always like pencil and paper more than a tablet.

Kikkerstein sticker modeled in 3D (the last image is a reference).

Made in Blender.

#WorldFrogDay #Blender #Modeling #3D #3DArt #Kikkerstein #Frog #Sticker

First pass of texturing on the low poly model and a quick pose.

#3dart #hyakkimaru #lowpoly #character #anime