1 year ago

#ChrisisArtChallenge It'd be pretty neat to get my drawing of kikkerstein turned into a real plush



Next up


Here's my schedule I did on notepad cuz I don't have a graphic made for the whole week

I made a small short!

This week's #FanArtFriday celebrates Mario!

Complete the quest and you'll get Coins and a Mario pack!


Gifter's Gauntlet 2 Update:

These 5 esteemed champions have maintained their standings, yet fervent Jolters are in close pursuit!

Continue bestowing gifts for THY opportunity to ascend and become the new Chad of the Gifter's Gauntlet!

Learn more 🔽

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Cursed Roblox AI Meatboy outfit

Under the Desert Sky~

I wanted to remaster, an older piece of mine. How did I do? Tap/swipe to see the piece I created a whole year ago in January of 2023!

Playing Minecraft with chat | I GOT MY OWN SERVER!! Join the stream here VVVVVVVV https://kick.com/imliterallyleon