A Sister's Journey
8 months ago

Dancing across the lavafalls 💃🔥



Next up

Just swinging through! ✨💨

The perfect tool for exploring even the remotest of areas, and discovering hard-to-reach secrets! 💫

The swamp is patient, always waiting to swallow a few unprepared adventurers. ☠️

Announcing the Lost In Isolation FNaF Game Jam

The GameJam Starts Friday (submit games below)


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Hosted by @PlentyXD

Help from @hunterallen_ and me

Art by @Funkilicous and Yellw.00f

With the Spirit Spear, many new paths might open up to you, once you consider the possibilities! 🔥✨

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We better see you supporting blue pig tails this weekend!

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Freezing enemies, and shattering them! ❄️💥

May they rest in pieces! ☠️

This is what happens when you forget your umbrella. ❄️💀

Rando Art Challenge! Transform this masterpiece into a Team Fortress 2 character! Use the hashtag #tf2 to share your creation! Tag an artist in the comments to challenge them as well.

I heard you like bubbles, so you can now navigate bubbles by firing bubbles, after using your bubbles to create transportation bubbles! 🫧