2 months ago

Down With Peter Piranha - Super Mario Sunshine 🌞



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Berserk Boy

Pac-Man and Ms [REDACTED]

Submission for Art Weeklies 2/9/2024. Themes chosen: A great tree and fan art of Paper Mario.

Big fan of Paper Mario, so I couldn't miss this opportunity.

It was tricky combining Petal Meadows and Boggly Woods into a single scene.

: Clip Studio Paint

Shadow WIP

Mario looks like a super hero with this cape aha!

Diddy Kong Sticker

Started posting my Timelapse’s on TikTok!!

Submission for Art Weeklies 4/5/2024. Theme chosen: Elements of Nature.

... I literally just threw this together, 'cause I panicked when I realized I hadn't made anything for the last themes. LOL Started in greyscale to paint faster.

: Clip Studio Paint

Donkey Kong Country 🍌