Friday Night Funkin' SuperStar Week demo

9 months ago

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN' SUPERSTAR WEEK IS OUT!!!! (its fnf vs cackletta but the name has changed)

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Next up

Cackletta soul

the update is closer than you think..

FnF SuperStarWeek new imagen on gamejolt and gamebanana!

Thanks to @GRAVEYARDZHIFT (on twitter) for this masterprice.

we are looking for artists and animators, if you are interested, tell us by DM in this account on twitter: @fnfsuperstar

Beep Boop Bap GF 💗 ( My art )

#FridayNightFunkin #FNFFriday

we managed to successfully find the coders and composers, the only thing we need are people who do the cinematics, support and shared this post to find them! Contact us by twitter: @fnfSuperStar


The Creator:

the day arrived, the cackletta update is released today!


The Bunny Graveyard: Progress Report

[February 2023]

Ou mai fakin god is a kaklta lik 😱😱😰😰