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What is InfiniMario?

A SMB1 Fangame with procedural generation, try to go as far as possible on this fangame with 2 world generations, Classic and Mountain.

Nope, this isnt a spooky game, is a test for procedural generation and that type of stuff.

So, i made a sprite 4 checkpoints (cuz the toadette level is 2 hard and the Mind and ice level gonna be too long).

wanna ask something, should i use checkpoints like the ones from NSMB(flag+shroom) or checkpoints like the original SMB(no flags).

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Okay, im gonna improve it a bit, i hope ya like it(mailtoad caught by the star)

I got pacman world the scott pilgrim game on the switch and a pomni shirt

I think a Nintendo horror game could be pretty cool, so long as it doesn’t just end up being another ZombiU.