10 months ago

I have composed this song!! What do you think?



Next up

I'm practicing 3D animation!! Do you like it?

Weefager will have to cross a lake and it will do it by swimming!!! Its slimy body allows it to swim through the water like a fish I hope you like this mechanic!!

Thank you very much to all of you who support the content!! Without you this would not be possible, you are the best! @Jenny_Wakeman @EliashThePilgrim @Art_Ink_Studios @sosasees @MrD-Undertale @Intelectual_Calr_Dev @Jpcafeina @sosku10 @JANGOMANGO

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Good news!! I have prepared the beginning of a Weefager fandom community!


VERY IMPORTANT!! Do you like this song? Do you think it's catchy?

NEW ALBUM!!! I have uploaded a new album to Spotify! It's the soundtrack of a video game I'm working on called Bendita Compostela I hope you like it very much!!!


Some of the games I've made in the last 4 years!!! I hope you like them!

Instrumental version of “Pyramid Song” by Radiohead. Thanks for the suggestion @MaxGreenberg !

NEW STICKER PACK!! Now you can get Weefager emoticons by putting Charged Stickers in posts. I hope you like them a lot!!!