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Brazillian Funk is trash 😎

Oh yeah!

What's that on Spotify??

A wild ANaB: R OST has been spotted!!

(Yeah it's released lmao)

It's out on many other platforms like Yandex and such!!


Here's another song I made recently! This one plays during events in which there is a time limit!! 🕐✨✨

Ima just drop this here and run off into the sunset extremely fast


A small tune that would play in a chaotic world full of storm clouds. However, you probably won't be able to hear it over the commotion of the gameplay, so here it is now haha ✨✨✨


Battle - Volcano - The Adventures Of Ben And Jessica - Beaterator Synth Eight Bit Rendition


I made this one to prove to a guy on Facebook that PSP chiptunes are real ones after he told me that real chiptunes are supposed to sound eight-bit.

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