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Brazillian Funk is trash šŸ˜Ž

B B B! (A Tetris Type B Nyeh Heh Heh!)


Here you go, @CCLyrics !

I present to you:

Silent Night - Official JadeJohnson Records Cover!

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Heavy rain here in Rome today and reminded me of this composition of mine made some time ago.


@CCLyrics , don't worry; your request did not go un-noticed! I now present to you:

Oh Holy Night - Official JadeJohnson Records Minor Keyed Cover!

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Into The Unknown Goes Mary:

@CCLyrics , I remembered from our chat last night that your favourite Christmas-song is "Mary Did You Know", so I made this, just for you, as thanks for making the lyric-video for "Candy Cane Lane" for me!

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