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i need help with ideas for a game

so i wanted a good while back like around 2020 to do a fnas fangame called fnas swapped-edition which was a fnas fangame that is basically b-side in fnas all-stars well that idea came back to my head a few days ago and i kinda wanna bring it back but well b-side is a thing in all-stars so does anyone have any ideas for it so it's not a copy of fnas all-stars' b-side



Next up

she just loves "hanging" around you

(impurity but molly version)

so i found this edit i made a good while back of the fnas mario vector i use now-a-days but i had edited him to look like how mario does in fnas act 1

so i decided to replay fnas 1 remastered (collection remastered) and good lord it did NOT age well

Performing just like they used to...

they do indeed have drip

Claustrophobic Nights 1 Year Anniversary! - Devlog Post

The Pain... Is Never Ending....

(oswald but emily version)

josh with luigi's hat on

(because i felt like doing this)

Box 2 is now occupied by Freddy Fazbear!

Big thanks to @ShadowDrifter for the fantastic suggestion and congratulations on having the top comment! Great job!

Now, onto box 3, which video game character should I draw next?

The top comment wins!

so since ya'll think she looks good

ami with makeup on is now canon!