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Like I said a few days ago, NO games to will released for the rest of 2022.

2023 will be a bombers raid in the first months.

For december 2022, please choose the kind of devlog you prefer.

*Read the poll*

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I'm out of things to post so I'm just gonna ask this, for future references:

What makes a fangame enjoyable, or unique?

any free coder at the moment?
maybe spriters and coders?
kinda wanted to know if theres still coders or spriters out there that can help with making this game
if you want to help us - dm me in discord (rdyEmber#0033) or here by adding me in friends

Got One Qusetion what do yall want to see in this game cause i'm not for sure

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So I have been looking into this DeathBound short film and I want to get your guy’s opinion on this! What style should the film be?

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