2 months ago

I've been playing with modelling paste again, can you guess what I'm making next? 😁



Next up

Creator Stickers are here!! 🥳😍

Super excited to see everyone's designs

I know what your problem is: you're just like me. Trash!

Forky in Bonnie's bag cake

I love The Princess and the Frog. Such a good film and Tiana is so pretty 🥰 #DisneyFaceCake

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Spicy pull 🤩 I'm thinking he goes in Lathril EDH. What deck would you play him in?

Also how nice is that artwork ❤️❤️

Did You Miss Yesterday's Livestream with @CaketasticCakes ? Jen used a single cake to create BOTH stages of @terraria 's Eye of Cthulhu! 🤯

Where are all my Bluey fans at? I made a Bluey cake using a store bought Swiss roll and some fondant 🫶

I slipped on mah beans

🎵 Everybody wants to be a cat 🎵

cute kitty cat face cake 😻

But what about Mirabel?! Encanto Face Cake 🫶

Abuela was not a very nice woman, change my mind 😅