10 months ago

Long time ago I made shitty DT!Dustbelief sprite for Rea.

And I decided to remake it for fun.

Now its new shitty DT!Dustbelief sprite lol.

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Next up

I made Chara sprite! Decided to rethink the whole way how I draw Chara.

It turned out better than the way I was drawing it before! Kinda more fitting to my cartoony style of drawing undertale characters. #undetale #chara #sprite #pixelart #art #fanart

Read article please!!! (ok actually closed now)

Oldie but Goodie: Happy Birthday Sonic!

here's a collection of some pixel arts I've made across the years (2022-2023) about him and company. Let's speed through another year!

GAME OVER !!!Everything in video is still not a final version, a lot of stuff can change in future!!!

Music - https://soundcloud.com/megalodapper/dustbelief-game-over

[UNDERTALE: Papyrus's BELIEF] September Update

trying my self in making the fnaf like endo skeletons ig its..ok? for the first one anyway its still a wip

once on clickteam i was making some kind of particle engine i made some kind of meme instead back then (also one really old sprite which is Dusttale: disbelief?? idk so old)

"Mario where is the lamb sauc--"

Updated way of how I draw Papyrus (u could already see in my commissions list) +even newer way which Idk if you people will love or dislike

Would be cool know you opinion on which is better and what to add!

#undertale #papyrus #art #fanart #pixelart