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#MyGOTY is Oblitus Casa Made By @RadianceGamesOfficial

- Trey.Gambliniii

Also I'm Back from The Dead (Again)

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THIS GAY PERSON RAHHHHHHHH!! I LOVEEE JAKE HGYHUIOSRGRGUAUAUAUAGRH the first one isn't henry but jake from an swap Au, basically jake takes henry's place and henry jake's place!! and thats their design it really doesn't change, only the height!!

Here's a peaceful little forest scene for this #screenshotsaturday, from the beginning of the game.

🍒Did you like the game? A demo is available for free on Steam.

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⚙️ Free Demo: http://bit.ly/UniDuni

📺 Full Video: https://youtu.be/5qEbVXg7GaQ

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Family band complete!

Demonstration of the spells and their effects :)!

Hi everyone! I started to create some environment props for my new video game, here is a cozy house in the forest. I'm planning to switch from Unity to Unreal... Let's see what new challenges I have to face. Made in Blender and Substance Painter.

Rockin the Guitar, an Axe like Guitar I made for my Uni project