2 months ago

One of many Kirby doodles I've done for one of my patrons.

Tinkaton ended up being one of my faves from the latest generation.



Next up

Peppino Spaghet! I had a lot of fun playing Pizza Tower, I totally recommend it to anyone who likes 2D platformers.


A brave fellow...

I like frogs... #WorldFrogDay

Part of the giant Sonic birthday collab Fadel put on last summer!

He's taking all the rings!!

Funny Plant...

Creator Stickers just dropped! Now you can get a Creator's sticker pack when you place a charged sticker on their posts. Here's my mystery chest pack, featuring Malk, Joosbox, Sad Hotdog, Rapid Croc and secret mystery sticker... collect them all now!!


Funny Man... WA!