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bootsy timelapse

dont remember drawing this

hey guys so for the month of june, i'm challenging myself to paint 20 portraits of cats for my team CATS WITHOUT LIMITS to help Alzheimers New Zealand. follow this link for more detail:


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bootsy for my friend alex this is 1/20 of my personal challenge for fundraising to help dementia in nz.

My entry for #PrideJolt , some old art of Noelle from Deltarune, she is a Lesbian.

coco for kay

4/20 cat portaits im challenging myself to do to help people with dementia in nz.

for more info check: https://alzheimersnz.grassrootz.com/create-for-dementia-2023/jun…

umby timelapse

Goth Koi Mermaid🖤

ophelia timelapse