A Sister's Journey
3 months ago

Purple Night 💜🌌



Next up

A moonlit entrance to some ancient, forlorn ruins - what secrets might they hold?

Enjoying their cozy little relaxation spot 🥰

Reached a dead end? Not with these handy teleport crystals around! 🔥✨

🥳 Happy #WIPWednesday! 🥳

Are you developing a game? Making music? Painting? Drawing?

Whatever it is you're working on, celebrate it with your fellow Jolters in the comments!

Improved and polished the effects of objects and debris falling into lava 🔥

Handle with Care! Made for LD53 >:)

play here -> https://gamejolt.com/games/handle-with-care/805451

When journeying through the coldest regions, a warm and cozy campfire is your best friend 🔥🥰

I don't know about you, but the way I see it, I kinda get the feeling she is being watched. 👀

Here are some pixel art profile pictures i made for you @Papa_Raziel Hes having a tough time in his life right now so please support him as much as you can

No matter how gray your day might be, spending it with the right person can bring all the colors back to your world.