2 months ago

Redraw 2021-2024

I tried to stay as close to the original as possible, tho I did change a few things

The background in the old version is a crime, I should've been executed.



Next up


Happy pride month!!

We together have occupied a month

The gays stay strong

Just got told to kms on roblox cuz I killed someone in-game even tho that was literally the point of the game

Istg ppl are so dramatic, you shouldn't tell someone to kill themselves over a roblox game

The Witching Well

(Happy Halloween!)


Drawing blood is so fun ngl

*Throws balls at u*

🟡😄☀️ Joy and Anxiety! 😬⚡️🟠

BTW, this is such a good sequel! 🥰

// #Insideout2 #Disney #Pixar #Art #Fanart

I tried rendering