2 months ago

Rocket Shoes, made in Crocotile 3D by me, for Lospec Dailies (Theme: Future)

Palette used is Zughy-32. #lowpoly

now 95% more prone to accidents!

Oh boy, I finally made some actual art

Sorry for the lack of art in all of these days, my motivation and inspiration were very, very low in these past days, to the point that I'll probably take an "official" break in some days

I decided to do some Lospec Dailies, so it actually pushed me into making something quick in a day. Since the theme was "Future", I decided to go with some Rocket Shoes! I'm very happy with the result, especially considering how I struggled so much to make anything in the past week or so

I don't have much to say except that if I end up taking a break, it'll most probably be after 1 or 2 pixel arts/low polys more

Until later!

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