1 month ago

Sakuko Kodama :D

Pride month art 1/10

Sakuko looks a bit funky since I suck at referencing and stylizing from stuff that’s realistic and also there’s not much fanart of her to reference from :’).

Though I plan on drawing her again later for my pride art along with Satoru ( another major/main character in Koisenu futari ) :))



Next up

Obamitsu collab w/ @Boo_Simplified :))

Lumity Goobers :)

Pride Month Art 5/10

Happy Birthday to Mitsuri Kanroji!! :D

Perfuma :))

Pride month art 3/10

🟡😄☀️ Joy and Anxiety! 😬⚡️🟠

BTW, this is such a good sequel! 🥰

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Maomao :))

Teo :)

Pride month art 4/10

Submission for Fan Art Friday 7/5/2024. Theme chosen: Fanart of Indie Videogames.

Based on Loddlenaut!

: Clip Studio Paint

Art gift for @Boo_Simplified :))