1 year ago

So many souls too play with...
so little time...

ENG: Hi there :D The style has changed due to the fact that I changed the drawing program. :0
I switched from Paint to MediBangPro :>
You can see the result for yourself, it's bad or good to judge you, in the comments :))

RUS:Привет :D Стиль изменился из-за того, что я сменил программу рисования. :0 Я перешел с Paint на MediBangPro :> Результат можете увидеть сами, плохо это или хорошо судить вам, в комментариях :))



Next up


Super shadow lmao

You know Sonic the hedgehog? 😀

#sonicthehedgehog #sega #sonic #sonicfanart

Sonic Heroes Movie Version!

Sanic.EXE Sticker lmao

Here's a pencil sketch of Sonic I've had such a nice, long vacation, I'm fucking crazy.

I'll try to draw more often now, I guess.

It's December! Almost Winter Season and decorating your friends like a Christmas tree!